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Concordia Lutheran High School gets four-legged staff member

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — Concordia High School and Holy Cross Lutheran Church and School welcomed a new member of their staff Wednesday morning.

Jared the comfort dog will be a goodwill ambassador for the schools. The golden retriever is trained by Lutheran Church Charities and has already been called into service. ABC21 previously reported he was deployed to Dayton following the mass shooting outside a bar that killed eight people.

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School officials hope Jared will bring a smile to the faces of all he encounters.

“He has put smiles on faces like you wouldn’t believe, Pam Rusher, Jared’s handler said. “I mean, even just walking up to him he’s smiling. He’s smiling at them, but they’re smiling at him before they even pet him.”

Rusher says she tries to bring him out for the students at least once a week.

Jacob Burbrink

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