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What to do if your child is a picky eater

(ABC) — Trying to get your child to eat at the dinner table can sometimes be quite the battle. Mayo Clinic child psychologist, Dr. Jocelyn Lebow, suggests an alternate approach.

According to Dr. Lebow, children who are extremely picky eaters may have an eating disorder called: avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder.

This basically means, they’re so selective with the food they eat, that they can’t even maintain their body weight and they have health issues. This is when being a picky eater is a problem.

Instead of forcing your children or teens to eat, Dr. Lebow recommends encouraging them to eat larger portions of the foods they enjoy. In some cases, parents may want to consider reaching out to a professional for help.

At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure their body weight is on the right track.

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