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FortCON boots up for annual LAN party and convention

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The Grand Wayne Center will be the home of hundreds of gamers over the weekend.

The annual FortCON begins Friday evening. During the event, participants will bring their own computer to the Grand Wayne Center for a weekend of video gaming.

There will be several tournaments during the event, including the chance for a $1,200 prize for one of the video games.

Event organizers hope to raise $4,000 for a Gamers Outreach Kart (GO Kart). This is a medical-grade all-in-one gaming cart for a local children’s hospital.

The organizers donated one of the gaming karts to Parkview Women’s and Children’s Hospital earlier this year.

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Molly Gerke, a Certified Child Life Specialist at the hospital, said the GO Kart has already been a benefit to the pre-teen and teen population at the hospital. She says a 12-year-old patient was in a lot of pain, taking some type of pain medicine every 4-5 hours.

“Once the GO Kart was brought into the room and he was playing for about 30 minutes, he denied his next dose of pain medicine because he was so distracted with the game he was playing,” Gerke said. The patient’s mother was ecstatic that his pain could be treated non-pharmacologically at that time.”

The event lasts from 6 p.m. Friday through 3 p.m. Sunday. Space is limited and tickets start at $60. To reserve a spot or learn more information, visit the event website.

Jacob Burbrink

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