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GOP mayoral candidate in Huntington riles voters with Twitter chatter

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WPTA21) – Comments posted on Twitter are drawing attention to the Republican mayoral nominee in Huntington.

It may or may not be the kind of attention Larry Buzzard is looking for.

Larry Buzzard is undoubtedly earning points from some supporters for speaking his mind, but is also catching flak from those who say his Twitter commentary can be derogatory and demeaning.

There was his response in July to a CNN discussion about impeachment, where he said, “The young female panelist has on a very pretty dress. Not much brain matter….but a very nice dress.”

When a person wrote in August that he would vote for Democrats Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren for president, Buzzard fired back, “Well, you’re a dumbass.”

When Sanders tweeted out in September the need to fight for equal pay for equal work for Native American women, Buzzard responded, “Pocahontas beat you to it…” an apparent reference to Elizabeth Warren.

After Buzzard won the primary in May, beating incumbent Brooks Fetters, Johnnie Hiles and city councilman Richard Strick entered the race as independent candidates.

Strick promptly lost his good standing in the local Republican Party.

We asked him about the Twitter controversy.

“We live in a very public world and what we do on social media is easy for folks to find. And I would just direct you to ask Mr. Buzzard about his comments on social media,” Strick said.

Buzzard supporter Joe Burkhart told us his favored candidate is not a racist.

“I can’t picture him singling women out either. Like I say, he’s a straight shooter,” Burkhart said.

On Facebook, Buzzard wrote, “I could have done what others have done and deleted, scrubbed and sanitized my feeds and posts…I have not.”

He went on to say, “You may not vote for me. I get it… But to pass judgment without knowing me or having a single discussion with me is prejudicial.”

Congressman Jim Banks has publicly supported Buzzard, saying he’s going to be one of the best mayors Huntington has ever had.


Jeff Neumeyer

Jeff Neumeyer is a reporter for WPTA.

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