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Just Hangin’

FORT WAYNE, IND. (WPTA21)-The circus may be dying but all those great acts and beautiful moves will live on somewhere. They’re certainly alive and well in a couple of spots out in 21 country including one that might surprise you.

It’s a mix of fun and sweat at Studio Seva on North Anthony. You can tell this is no ordinary yoga studio by all the hardware hanging from the ceiling and stacked in the corner. Classes begin like all yoga classes, laying out mats, warming up muscles, getting the heart going. After that’s something else.

This, for those of us who didn’t know, is circus yoga. Not the usual sit, stand, kneel on a mat in weird positions yoga. Circus yoga is just what its name says, a mix of circus moves and cardio workout that really puts the body through its paces. And apparently it’s a lot of fun. Joni McCarran started the business seven years ago, offers traditional yoga instruction as well but says circus yoga is the crowd pleaser.

I feel I get more cardio climbing a rope than I do running,” explains McCarran. “There’s no muscle left behind at all every muscle is worked it’s your body weight there’s no additional stress on your joints. Yoga really helped me a lot physically, mentally and it’s just something I want to share with everybody.

Liz Bear is a registered nurse, says she wants to stay fit but hated it. Until now.

With other workouts in the past when I would go I didn’t enjoy it,” she says. “I dreaded it I hated going so this helps me motivate me I have fun while I do it but I get a workout at the same time.”

Circus yoga isn’t just a local thing, it’s practiced worldwide and very popular. There’s a waiting list to get into Joni’s classes. There are lots of things that motivate people to work out, feeling fit, living longer. Having fun isn’t usually one of them. But in this corner of 21 Country having fun isn’t a byproduct. It’s a rule. This is Eric Olson reporting.

Eric Olson

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