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Phase Re-Entry Participants Volunteer at the Old Fort

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Participants in the Rescue Mission program “Phase Re-Entry” volunteered at the Old Fort Saturday morning.

Phase Re-Entry is a component of the Rescue Mission that serves men coming out of extended periods of incarceration. Participants recognize volunteering as a crucial component of their programming.

At the Old Fort, participants got to connect not only with the history of our region but also with their current community. They gave back by chopping wood, setting up tents, and sweeping buildings, while learning the story of our city.

Working under the guidance of Bob Jones at the Old Fort, Rescue Mission officials say participants are able to serve our city with grace and integrity.

Coordinators say events like these give members an opportunity for their actions to tell the true story of change that has occurred in their life.

“These men, their stories matter. A lot of times their stories are told to them judges and lawyers and this is a great opportunity for their actions to really tell the true story of the change that has occured in their life.”                – David Pitcher, Phase Re-Entry Coordinator

Rodger Courtney, a Phase Re-Entry participant, says he realized that this program gave him a new perspective on life.

He goes on to say instead of just living his life he puts life in his living.

More information on the Rescue Mission’s programs can be found at their website.

Logan Fielding

Logan is the evening news and weekend news producer for ABC21. He first joined the WPTA team in March 2018 as the morning show producer.

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