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Just Like Grandma Baked

ROANOKE, IND. (WPTA21)-You wouldn’t think by looking at it that this houses one of Roanoke, Indiana’s finest eateries.

Nine years ago Sue Couch and husband Roger opened Grandma Sue’s Pies on North Main. Sue’s baked all her life, learned as a kid from her mom and grandma. So when Roger lost his job with North American they opened the bakery.

We were lucky to sell ten pies a week but we were happy with that,” she says. “It gradually started to pick up.”

Pick up it did, in nine years Grandma Sue has sold forty one thousand fruit pies. She only sells frozen pies, customers bake them themselves. And at this mom and pop business mom and pop work together quite well.

If you bicker you get nothing done,” she says. “He knows what he’s to do. He will not roll pie dough but he’ll fill them.”

You can buy all sorts of fruit pies at Grandma Sue’s. She also makes a mean angel food cake. A while back she added jams and jellies to her stock, all made by Sue from fresh fruits. And she makes noodles popular with customers for chicken and noodles and other dishes. Sue takes a lot of pride in her business and she can get a little emotional when she talks about it.

It means the world,” she says. “It’s a people pleasing project and that’s our intent to please the people. It’s a fun thing to see how people react. ‘And how do they react?’ we ask. “By buying our product.”

Grandma Sue’s is open just three days a week, Thursday through Saturday. The perfect schedule for the perfect business selling the perfect product. Not a bad way to spend your retirement. This is Eric Olson reporting.

Eric Olson

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