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Book fair raises funds for homeless shelter for single women

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21)- Women authors partnered with a local organization to help raise money to create the city’s homeless shelter for single women.

The Barnes and Noble Book Fair was organized by St. Jospeh Missions, a local group that is working to raise money for the shelter. The authors apart of the event were Denise Hunter, Colleen C. Mitchell and Carol Butler.

According to United Way of Allen County 211 Data, 1,022 single women declared themselves homeless in 2018. In Fort Wayne, there are homeless shelters available for homeless men and for homeless parents with children, but no shelters are available for single women.

Lisa Fabian, Vice President of the board said she wants these women to have a safe place to go.

“Basically we want there to be a place where women know they can go and get help and become self-sufficient.” Fabian said.

One of the authors, Carol Butler wrote the book “Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to Be First,” about the first women firefighter in Fort Wayne.

The book shows how Wilson’s passion and determination lead to incredible success in life. Butler says she was humbled to share the book with the Fort Wayne community and help with the fundraiser.

“We didn’t have a plan to inspire children with this book but it is a real gift to me and I’m sure to Genois that we’re in this position and I don’t take that lightly.” Butler said.

Wilson said her story can help inspire young women who are striving to achieve a goal.

“Sometimes it’s not about the fact that you’re always successful getting the job it’s the fact that you’re willing to take the risk to try and you can try for things and you may not get it but it doesn’t mean that you’re any less.” Wilson said.

The book fair continues, Sunday at the Jefferson Pointe Barnes & Noble from 1-3pm with author, Jeannie Ewing.


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