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“You learn some lessons,”: Vegan restaurant recovers after burglary

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21)- A popular vegan restaurant near downtown lost about 300 dollars after they were burglarized.

Savery Vegan Grill has become somewhat of a neighborhood favorite. So it was a shock to the owner, Brittany George, when she arrived at work Friday, finding out her business had been ripped off.

“I got here this morning and was surprised to see the back door was opened and then came around front and found out the front door had been pried open.” George said.

The person stole about 300 dollars from both the cash box and the tip money on the counter. George says she was saving the money to donate to the Kanda Farm Sanctuary, a non profit organization that rescues neglected farm animals.

“It’s owned by a really selfless couple, so we donate our money to them in hopes of helping them improve the sanctuary.” George said.

A security camera outside the store was able to capture the suspect breaking in. George said whoever did it left through the back door, so the camera did not get a good shot of his or her face.

“Honestly we can’t even tell if it’s male or female the hood is up, just an average build, average person.” George said.

One customer, Queen Juarez said she hopes this doesn’t scare the owners away.

“They try to come in and bring stuff in the community here and it’s stuff like this that makes them not want to be here that’s what worries because they’re going to be scared and I’d be scared too and then they’ll want to move their business elsewhere.” Juarez said.

George said she is focusing on the bright side.

“This community has been amazing to us over the past year, we’re coming up on our one year anniversary nothing but good things so this is a little bit disappointing but you learn some lessons.” George said.


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