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Steady rain tonight

Tonight, temperatures drop into the upper-30’s with feels like temperatures several degrees cooler due to gusty winds. Expect rain showers to take over as we will see our most steady and consistent rainfall at this time.

Tomorrow, rain lingers throughout the morning and into the afternoon more sparingly, but a combination of sleet and snowfall take over as temperatures near freezing. In regards to snowfall, little to no accumulation will be notable, but slick roadways are a sure possibility throughout the evening and into Monday morning. Temperatures will only top out in the mid-40’s tomorrow and winds will remain breezy with extra moisture being brought in from the south and west.

Overall, the first week of December features plenty of dry but cloudy days. Perfect time to complete holiday decorations!

Meteorologist Payton Domschke

Facebook: PaytDomschkeWX

Twitter: @PaytDomschkeWx

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Payton Domschke

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