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Law enforcement applauds cell phone ban for motorists

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) -- Law enforcement agencies in Indiana are applauding a bill that would expand the ban on texting while driving to a ban on using the cell phones for any reason while behind the wheel.

The bill authored by State Rep. Holli Sullivan of Evansville cleared the Roads and Transportation Committee this week and is expected to pass.

If it does, it would make it easier for police to write tickets because they would no longer have to prove someone is texting.

Using the phone for any reason, whether it's to play a game or search for a phone number, would be illegal.

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Emilia Miles

Emilia Miles joined Fort Wayne’s NBC in September 2019 as a Social Media and Digital Content Manager. Emilia also serves as a producer. She’s a Fort Wayne native and graduated from Indiana University.

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