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Charred World

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This years fire season out west was the worst on record and the destruction grows worse every year. And just this week 25 people killed by massive tornado's in Tennessee. All the result, scientists say, of human assisted climate change. These days at least, we're talking about it.

Climate change dominates much of the conversation in the art world, the latest example the current exhibit at Fort Wayne's Artlink Gallery. It's called 'Fragments of Human Geography' by artist Jeff Schofield who is very much concerned about the causes of climate change. This piece is called 'Picnic on the Beach', a collection of plastic objects found on ocean and lake beaches that makes the viewer think twice about our love affair with plastic and what it's doing to the environment. This work made of charred wood from a recent Michigan forest fire refers to those wild fires out west made worse by extreme drought and increasing temperatures.

“And as we push forward and are experiencing more of these climate related disasters I think this is an opportunity to reflect on that,” says Artlink director Lynette Scott, “and to think about maybe the small changes that we can make individually.”

Climate change isn't the only subject tackled at this exhibition. Michael Benedetti's drawings are based on the spaces he's lived in throughout his life, all drawn from memory, exploring how those memories can influence our lives. And a delightful escape from the serious issues, Artlink's first annual cup sale, 170 ceramic mugs by 35 regional artists all on sale to raise money to support the gallery.

“'How popular have these proved to be?'” we ask. “Very popular,” says Artlink's Ashley Beatty. “We actually have some artists who have come in and had to replenish because they've sold out.”

So head down to Artlink, buy a mug and support their efforts. And get a stunning but chilling reminder of what we're doing to our planet, and how we're doing it. Eric Olson reporting out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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