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High Octane Art

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They were the artists who created rolling sculpture, designers of America's classic automobiles. Alan Leamy, still in his 20's, designed the Duesenberg Model J considered the most beautiful automobile ever built. Studebaker's Raymond Lowey, his designs unlike any other in the 1950's...sleek, aerodynamic. His masterpiece, the Avanti..its design now 60 years old as modern as anything produced today. And the successors of these brilliant artists? They're out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered.

“There's something about being able to primally connect with those who would have originally drawn those cars out back 80 or 100 years ago,” says designer Kelly Bremer.

In the basement of his Fort Wayne home Kelly Bremer is grooming himself to join that pantheon of design geniuses, a quest that began as a toddler.

“My mom and my dad they both fed that creative ability that they saw very early on,” he says. “From that age, two or three, I was already playing with sketch books and paints and pretty much given as much of my creative freedom as I wanted.”

Bremer nursed his talent, attended the prestigious College for Creative Studies in Detroit and has since impressed many in the automotive world with what he can do. Every piece of every picture is hand drawn, no strait edge, no compass, no protractor. This painting was commissioned by the Indianapolis 500 Museum for the race's 100th anniversary in 2016..the Marmon Wasp that won the first Indy race in 1916 chased by Alexander Rossi's Honda that won a century later. Bremer's drawing has been limited since the birth of daughter Slone, he and wife Stephanie now spend time encouraging her art interests. But the dream still burns, the talent still unfolding along the path to whatever lies ahead.

“My dream is to make my living through art and design,” he says. “It's a long journey it's a journey that may take me years or even decades to attain but it's a fun journey.”

Eric Olson reporting out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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