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District 10 Little League making big changes ahead of 2020 season

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) -- Northeast Indiana should get to see some Little League baseball this summer, but things will look drastically different.

District 10 has introduced 14 new rules, hoping to keep its kids as safe as possible when play resumes on June 14.

Here is the list that the organization shared with ABC21:

New Guidelines to follow for the Start of the Little League Season

  1. A bottle of Hand sanitizer must be on each bench for every game. (Do not touch your hands to your face.) Continued Reminder!
  2. Temperature checks must be done before everyone enters the field of play before warm ups of every game. Players and Spectators and All Officials is strongly recommended.
  3. No handshake during the ground rules and after the game is over. No contact at all on the field. Does not apply to the rules of the game. (i.e. can tag a player out.)
  4. No team huddles, must be 6 foot apart or more between each team member. Dugouts must be extended as needed.
  5. Dugouts, score table with controller and concession stands must be sanitized before every game
  6. Can’t leave the dugout during the game without Umpire permission. Site director approval needed to leave before the game starts. Extra coach needs to escort players to the restrooms for no spectator contact. Remind to wash hands.
  7. Outside of Helmets and bats need to be sanitized after every use.
  8. Once the players are on the field no contact permitted with the spectators.
  9. Mask use is strongly recommended.
  10. Check with your local health department for your game time restroom and concession stand guidelines.
  11. Flag poles and Batting Cages need to follow the steps listed above for sanitation before each game.
  12. Bleachers should be closed off and cannot used for any games. 6 foot rule applies for spectators in their chairs or standing around. Social Distancing Guidelines need to be followed.
  13. If the guidelines cannot be followed spectators will be removed from that game site or the game will be canceled.
  14. Health Departments from (Allen, Wabash and DeKalb) and Little League staff will be monitoring these guidelines and can warn us or stop us from future play. Updated 5/15/2020

Zach Groth

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