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Good Deed Doers

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We call it the homeless problem, men and women who roam city streets, their meager worldly possessions in a sack or stuffed in a grocery cart. Many are mentally or emotionally ill, many are veterans damaged by war no longer able to find a place where they might fit into society. We call it the homeless problem. But it's a really a mental healthcare problem. And far too few of us really care.

“It's our job to reach down and pick those up that are, you know, less fortunate than we are and that's our goal here,:” says Pastor Robert Robinson of Higher Heights Baptist Church.

At Fort Wayne's Higher Heights Baptist Church some of the faithful among us are living their faith, on this day packing 300 personal hygiene bags to hand out to the homeless..soap, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash. Anita Merriweather organized the effort.

“There's a lot of places that's passing out food,” says Merriweather. “But also feeding you got to cleanse your body. So if I can give somebody a tube of toothpaste that's a cleansing.”

Many call themselves people of Faith but don't go much further than that. These good people are living what they profess to believe.

“One reason why we're doing this is because we love the Lord,” says member Annie Robinson. “We want to fulfill our obligation as a Christian in the community to be able to give to others.”

'A lot of people look down on homeless people as lazy, not deserving. What's your opinion of these folks that are down and out?' we ask Pastor Robinson. “My heart goes out to the homeless those that are less fortunate,” he says. “It's our job to reach down and pick those up that are, you know, less fortunate than we are. And that's our goal.”

Many call themselves people of Faith. Far too many more are Faithful in word but not in deed. On this day some good people out in 21 Country are living how their Good Book says they should live, worshiping, praying and, more importantly, practicing what they preach. This is Eric Olson reporting.

Eric Olson

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