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Police: Saturday’s protests not as violent, but more arrests were made

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) Police moved through the core of the city late Saturday, sweeping out protesters who lingered.

A crowd of protesters blocked traffic at the MLK Bridge on Clinton Street.

Officers, some in riot gear, moved outward from the Allen County Courthouse and moved protesters along, many of whom broke into smaller groups later in the day, according to FWPD spokesperson Sofia Rosales-Scatena.

She said most of the arrests were for disorderly conduct and failing to exit an emergency area, though the arrest totals won't be available until sometime on Sunday.

Our teams monitored the protests all day. They witnessed crowds growing near the Allen County Courthouse, with police forming a perimeter around the courthouse green.

Late in the afternoon, police fired tear gas at a growing crowd, causing them to disperse.

Protesters then broke into groups, with some moving toward the MLK Bridge on Clinton Street. They blocked traffic for a time.

Protesters eventually made their way downtown again, until police began moving them out late in the evening.

The downtown streets were nearly emptied of protesters by 11:00 pm, but police remained in force.

Brien McElhatten

Brien McElhatten anchors the evening weekday newscasts at ABC21.

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