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Eyes Open, Mouth Shut

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This is how Fort Wayne's Artlink gallery has looked since the Covid 19 shutdown...empty, like art galleries across the country. But when it reopens Sunday visitors will get a real treat: the 40th annual National Print Show, arguably the galleries best offering each year.

“You know I think because it's a national call we get some of the best print makers from the U.S.,” says gallery director Lynette Scott. “We had over 350 entries this year so when you think about that compared to only 68 prints that made it in.”

The work here is stunning for at least two reasons. The first is so many pieces are beautiful...this is called 'Buckwheat', a silkscreen by Ohio artist Kathy McGee...beautifully colored and detailed. This stunning abstract by Georgia artist Sara hes is called 'Dewlap Selfie'. There are several methods of printmaking and all are extremely difficult to master. This is called 'Swatch #15' by Alabama artist Noah Breuer. It's a woodcut, hand carved into a block of wood and printed. This piece,called 'Immanant Critique' by Texas artist David Newman, is a lithograph, the image etched into stone with acid and then printed. The detail is breathtaking. There are timely social issues discussed here..this is called 'Place', a lithograph by taxes artist Andrew Decaen, a commentary, in part, on social distancing and the so-called new world we live in. The subject of this work is, unfortunately, always timely. Its called 'Female and Hand Over Mouth' by taxes artist Kate Borcherdling. The meaning is, sadly, quite clear. This is an intaglio print, intaglio is a form of engraving. It's called 'Desiree Wings' by Oregon artist Yugi Hiratsuka. This show as all art exhibitions should be is entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking. A chance to see some of the finest artwork on the planet, stimulate your emotions and, perhaps most exciting, feed your brain. Eric Olson reporting out in 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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