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FWPD arrests two protesters for allegedly planning acts of violence

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) -- Two people accused of planning acts of violence in association with recent protests are in police custody Tuesday night.

According to a release from the Fort Wayne Police Department, officers tried to pull over and arrest Josiah Dees and Erin Fogg on Coliseum Boulevard Tuesday afternoon.

Dees and Fogg refused to get out of their car for a period of time and a crowd formed in the area, according to police.

Police say they eventually were able to take both suspects into custody without incident.

The release says officers are investigating criminal activities stemming from the recent protests and believe both suspects committed crimes while protesting.

During the investigation, police say they also received information Dees and Fogg were planning acts of violence against citizens, police officers and the city.

Erin Fogg, 40, is charged with rioting, disorderly conduct, obstruction of justice and resisting law enforcement.

Josiah Dees, 31, is charged with refusing to leave an emergency incident area, two counts of resisting law enforcement and obstruction of traffic.

Dees went live on Facebook during the traffic stop. "They've been following us," Dees said during the live feed. "Then they had a car slow down in front of us so it was easy to pull us over." He said he was out driving to get food. At one point tears began streaming down his face as he said, "I'm sorry for anybody I yelled at that didn't deserve it. I did everything I did for the children that are in the house, for your children, for my children."

15 minutes into his live feed Dees got out of the car. "Drop to your knees, hands on your head, don't resist," Fogg is heard telling Dees right before he gets out of the car.

Police arrested two additional people during the traffic stop on Coliseum Boulevard. According to police, Naomi Dees, 33, came towards police "violently" and refused to leave. She faces a charge of refusing to leave an emergency incident area.

Police also arrested Christian Wolfe, 60, on charges of refusing to leave an emergency incident area and resisting law enforcement. Police say Wolfe parked close to officers making the arrest and refused to leave.

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