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Eden’s Garden

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If it weren't for the sign out front you might think this was a botanical garden. It is actually, but Broadview Landscaping and Nursery on Tonkel Road is really a business..a longtime 21 Country business that goes out of its way to look like an elaborate and stunning backyard that is a feast for the eyes.

“You don't need to have plants to come here you don't need plants,” says co-owner Nicole Johnson. “It's a great place to come take pictures. Where else you gonna see hundreds of hydrangeas in bloom together?

Nicole Johnson runs the place. She says Broadview has all the usual nursery stuff, hundreds of hardwood and evergreen and decorative trees, exotic and familiar plants for indoors and out, most of them planted in their proper landscape environment so customers know how they'll look in their own yards. And this is a green nursery, literally; all Broadview's irrigation water comes from this pond, no public utility water is used. But Nicole Johnson is also transforming the business into a community destination with some innovative non-nursery attractions.

“We have private yoga classes in the back, we're doing tai chi,” she says. “We even have a dance group that was meeting here last year. And then we're gonna integrate sort of my background in art and have some different art items for sale.”

Broadview Nursery has been a Fort Wayne business for many years, five generations of the same family have owned and run the place. But few of the predecessors could have imagined the transformation now in progress, one that's turning an already stunning corner of 21 Country into a community treasure. Eric Olson reporting for Your Story Made Here.

Eric Olson

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