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Dupont Hospital holds first milk drive to help Milk Bank

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - Dupont Hospital will be holding its first-ever milk drive to help out the Milk Bank.

The Milk Bank is an organization that takes in donated human milk, screens and pasteurizes it so it can be given to infants that are in the NICU.

The organization has partnered with the Dupont Hospital to expand its efforts to get families safe milk by creating Fort Wayne's first Donor Milk Express (DMX).

The DMX will allow families, who are in need of human milk, the ability to purchase up to 40 ounces from the Milk Bank.

The DMX will officially be open on August 4th at Dupont Hospital.

Following the opening of the DMX opening, there will be a Milk Drive for mothers to donate excess milk too.

If you would like to donate, you will need to either call the Milk Bank at 317-536-1670 or click here for their website to pre-register.

After registering you will have to complete an over-the-phone screening, and paperwork to receive your drop off time.

When you show up to drop off your extra milk you will have to complete a blood test to make sure that the milk is safe for consumption.

Francisca Wood

Francisca Wood is a producer here at WPTA.

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