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A Little Off the Top

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“Good morning men. What would you like me to do?” “Give me a normal haircut.” “I'll make you look real pretty.”

Roy Miller's been making them look pretty for about 70 years now. He started cutting hair at age eleven and at eighty years of age Roy still puts in a forty hour week at his barber shop and his hand is as steady as ever.

Roy: I did cut through the side of a fellow's nose one time when I was still shaving people. He said he caught a fish that big and he raised up just at the time I went like that and I ran through his nose.

“There you go young man you're all fixed up.”

Roy says he stays busy just enough to keep him happy. But when the work load slows Roy sits down in his chair and watches the tube. Unlike many octogenarians Roy Miller is a bit of a techno-freak.

ROY: “I'm a Star Trek fan. In the afternoon they have Deep Space Nine everyday now. Then I go home though and switch to South Bend because they have Star Trek Next Generation. 'You're a Trekky.” I'm a Trekky.”

There are a lot of things that keep Roy Miller young at heart and he knows what they are. ..staying busy but knowing when to lay back when it's called for, watch the traffic flow by, light up his pipe and wait for the next Star Trek episode. A prescription for long life if ever there was one.

Roy: Well you know ever since I was a kid I said I want to live to the year 2000. I've got three years to go yet and I hope I make it. 'How much longer you going to run the business?' “Until the undertaker comes after me. Thank you much young man.”

Thank you, Roy. Eric Olson for 21 Country.

Eric Olson

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