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Protesters say they want Sheriff Gladiuex to step down following his recent lawsuit

FORT WAYNE Ind. (WPTA21) - After the city council voted to likely use taxpayer money to pay for Sheriff Dave Gladieux's $55,000 lawsuit settlement, protesters took to the courthouse lawn to demand his resignation.

"I've lost all confidence in his ability to do his job. and to expect the taxpayers to pay for his drunken chaos was just the tipping point for me," Lisa Williams said.

The settlement comes after the Sheriff allegedly shoved a teen-aged Three Rivers Festival volunteer to the ground. He injured the teen and the family is suing him for physical pain and mental suffering among other reasons as stated in the court documents.

People attending the protest say they feel like it is unfair for the taxpayers to foot the bill for the lawsuit and the money should come out of his own pocket.

"I am here to support the immediate resignation of sheriff David Gladieux," Terra Irish said. "I think that his behavior and lack of remorse and a lot of his actions is absolutely unacceptable and as a taxpayer I support his resignation."

Wednesday Sheriff Gladieux released a statement in response to the settlement. He says he will reimburse the money to the Allen County general fund and that he accepts the responsibility of the legal matters. However, he says he will stay in officer through the rest of his term.

The protesters say despite the Sheriff's commitment to repay the county, that's not enough. They say they are still hoping he will consider resigning due to his actions.

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