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Life’s Better Here in Allen County

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FORT WAYNE, Ind (WPTA21) - The firefighters museum in Fort Wayne has plenty of stories to share. Back in the day, it used to be a fire station.

"This firehouse was first built in 1893 and they added on another side in 1907. It was retired in 1972", said Dennis.

That's Dennis Giere, he's the museum's director and the captain of the Fort Wayne Fire Department. He has been living his dream since he was a kid.

Giere said his dad was a volunteer from the time he was 2 and he grew up by a fire station. Dennis always wanted to be a firefighter.

In the old days being a firefighter was a tough job. "When the department went fully paid in 1882, the firemen worked 29 out of 30 days, They got one day off a month basically", said Giere

The fire station has been in service until 1972. Now it's preserved as a museum. "In the museum here, we have actually a lot of stuff", said Dennis. For the kiddos, there is plenty of stuff to see and do. You can even dress yourself as a firefighter. They also have a safety program for children.

Giere said "If we are doing a tour or safety program for young kids, we will have them watch some of the video. Then, we will go into the second where we have a kitchen and a bedroom. We would talk about fire safety in the home.

It's great way to learn fire safety and the history of Fort Wayne. And it's another reason why Life's Better Here.

Matthew Bullock

Matthew Bullock is the weekend morning meteorologist for ABC21.

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