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Adams County student reacts to switching to E-learning after two positive cases reported in the district

FORT WAYNE Ind. (WPTA21) - Two students in the Adams Central Community Schools district tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday which prompted the district to move students to E-learning.

That forced more than 80 students to quarantine.     

Senior Sabastian Hathaway at Adams Central said he's not looking forward to working remotely for the next two weeks.  

"Some of us learn better when we're in person learning it from a teacher right there.” he said. “But now for at least the next two weeks, we won't have that. We're going to have to take it from videos online and the questions we have that we would like to ask in person, we can't do that anymore." 

After these two weeks of E-learning, Hathaway said he wants to return to school. 

"I want to be in school.” Hathaway said. “I think the majority of our classmates want to be in school. We don't like to have to do E-learning because it puts a burden on us." 

Hathaway said him and other students believe this could go longer than just two weeks. 

"We're scared that … it's not going to be a two-week thing.” he said. “It might turn into a month, two months, maybe three.” 

Hathaway also tells ABC21 he was in English class when the announcement was made and it was very difficult to hear. 

“You could feel the emotion when we were told we were going back to virtual learning.” he said. “I don't think anybody in that classroom wanted that." 

Virtual learning will begin Monday, October 12th and continue through Thursday, October 22. School officials said this will run up to fall break which will begin on October 23rd

Students will return to "in-school" instruction on Tuesday, October 27th. 

Vince Lovergine

Vince Lovergine joined the WPTA team August 2020 as a multimedia journalist.

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