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Gov. Holcomb’s political opponents criticize how he’s handled reopening the state

FORT WAYNE Ind. (WPTA21) - As state coronavirus numbers rise, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb's political opponents have criticized how he's handled reopening the state. 

Democrat Doctor Woody Myers says he's disappointed in the governor's actions at Wednesday's COVID-19 briefing and he's demanding more precautions. Libertarian Donald Rainwater says it's up to individual Hoosiers to keep themselves safe not the governor. 

“We worked way too hard at the outset to just think this is behind us," Holcomb said. "We don’t want to go back to a shutdown.” 

Dr. Woody Myers the Democrat running for governor says Holcomb needs to move the state back to stage 3 or 4. 

"Indiana is in trouble, and I don’t know that our governor knows how much trouble we are in, we should have taken action weeks ago,” Myers said. 

Not only does he want more precautions for the state, but Myers says he wants Governor Holcomb to take responsibility for his actions.  

"What we are lacking is leadership, what we are lacking is courage, what we are lacking is a governor who wants to do the right people for Indiana, and he has just not taken the right steps while he’s in his job,” Myers said. 

Donald Rainwater is the Libertarian Party's candidate for governor .

"Covid-19 is a real virus, and every individual Hoosier has to make their own decision to what the proper precautions are,” Rainwater said.  

In a Facebook Live post, he said it should be up to Hoosiers to keep themselves safe, not the governor.  

"Nobody has the right to tell you what to do or how to keep yourself safe,” Rainwater said. 

Governor Holcomb says we can stay in stage 5 if more Hoosiers continue to social distance and wear a mask.  

"There is proof out there that folks are operating responsibly at stage 5, we need to do more of that, not less,” Holcomb said. 

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