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Fort Wayne’s Coney Island to reopen on Thanksgiving Eve

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - Coney Island is reopening Wednesday after a temporary closure when some staff members were exposed to COVID-19.

After deciding to temporarily close the restaurant's doors on Monday November 16, now a week and a half later, the Fort Wayne institution is reopening.

This is the first time in Coney Island's history that the restaurant had to shut down, said Co-owner Jimmy Todoran.

"I realized the magnitude of it," he said. "The History Center called and would like some of our letters and things that we wrote to close down."

After some deep cleaning and even making a few repairs, the restaurant is opening back up on Thanksgiving Eve. It's typically the night of lights when Santa and the reindeer light up downtown and crowds gather to get in line for some coney dogs at Coney Island.

"Even though it's not the same caliber, it's still important to continue and keep it going and I think we need that positivity right now," said Todoran.

Coney Island will be open at 50 percent capacity, with no bar seating.

Todoran says customers are encouraged to pickup for carryout..

Mary Eber

Mary Eber is ABC21’s 11 p.m producer.

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