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‘We have to move on’; Political leaders on senators’ election results challenge

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - Republican leaders are set to vote against electors from "disputed states", unless an emergency audit of the election results will happen.

There are 12 Republican senators claiming they are going to block the outcome of the presidential election. Political leaders connected to Fort Wayne are speaking out about their concerns with this challenge.

Former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke and the Allen County Chair of the Democratic Party Misti Meehan are a part of two different political parties, but they both agreed this challenge is not the right thing to do.

"It disturbs me as a lawyer, it disturbs me as someone who was in government, and I think it's wrong," Helmke said.

Helmke is a Republican and a current Indiana University professor, he says seeing these senators come forward makes him realize how much the party has changed since Donald Trump took office.

"If people continue to challenge that, it weakens not only our democracy, it weakens America's position in the world," Helmke said. "We have to have time for an orderly transition, we have to move on."

He says although the outcome of the election is not what many republican's wanted, the election has been decide and he believes it was fair.

"We need a single commander in chief, we need a single president," Helmke said. "We can't have dueling presidents out there or the country is no longer going to be able to survive."

Helmke says this challenge is a disgrace to the party and proving our democracy to be weak.

Misti Meehan voicing opinions similar to Helmke. Shee says Senator Braun is not representing the Indiana people and there's been no evidence of election fraud.

"Once you're elected, you're supposed to be representing everyone, and I find it very hard to believe that a majority of Hoosiers believe that our election was fraudulent," Meehan said.

Meehan says President Trump and these senators are going to the extreme to refuse this defeat.

"This is basically trying to take digs to what establishes us as a free country," Meehan said. "It made me rather sick to my stomach, this is rather appalling."

ABC21 reached out to Senator Mike Braun and a spokesperson from his office said he was unavailable for an interview Sunday.

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Karli VanCleave

Karli VanCleave is a multimedia journalist at WPTA for the evening newscast. Karli is a Fort Wayne native and Indiana University Bloomington graduate.
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