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Ice threat increases overnight


The winter system we've been tracking for several days continues its trek northward, with light precipitation filling into the area this evening (mostly around/after sunset).

I'm expecting mostly a light snow/rain & snow mix initially, turning to light sleet/freezing rain/drizzle towards midnight through sunrise, and then back to light snow after sunrise through Tuesday afternoon.

Northern areas like Steuben/LaGrange will likely remain light snow for the entirety of the event and see 2-4" of snow and very little ice. A dusting to up to 2" of snow and a light glaze of ice is anticipated everywhere else.

It is clear Tuesday morning will feature the greatest impacts to area roads, but by the afternoon we should see precipitation move and roads clear out.

Calmer weather returns midweek through the end of the week.

Matt Leach

ABC21 Chief Meteorologist

Matt Leach

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