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What happens if bad weather cancels COVID vaccine clinic at Coliseum?

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) -- How bad does the weather have to get in order for the Allen County Health Department's coronavirus vaccination clinic to shut down?

And what would happen to the Hoosiers 65 and older who have appointments for that day?

"If the county went under the highest level advisory and were telling people to stay off the roads completely, that's when we would definitely try and make sure we were following those guidelines," Megan Hubartt from the Allen County Health Department said.

Hubartt said the state established a protocol to make sure people didn't show up for an appointment that had been canceled because of bad weather.

Hoosiers 65 and older are eligible to register for the COVID vaccine.

"We can contact all of the folks that we have on our books for appointments. We can either text them or email them based on the information that they registered with, and get them an alert to let them know any changes that would happen to our clinic hours," she said.

She says if that happens, the clinic would open on a different day or extend hours to accommodate those patients.

She says if no travel restrictions are issued but roads aren't in the best condition, patients will need to decide for themselves whether they feel comfortable keeping their appointment to receive the coronavirus vaccine at the Coliseum.

She says very few people cancel their appointment, and if they do, their appointment will be rescheduled.

"We've pretty much seen almost everyone that we have an appointment for today coming in. The same with last night when things got pretty nasty, we thought it might slow down, and most people really want to get those shots in their arms so they're going to do their best to get here if they can," Hubartt said.

"They're troopers. They come out because they want their shot and they don't know if they would get it if they postponed, so they're out there trying to get it when they've got their scheduled time," volunteer Jodi Keller added.

What happens if an appointment that's canceled is for the second dose?

"The CDC does have some guidelines as far as how far out we can go, and there is quite a bit of wiggle room there. I think it's something up to 42 days, I believe, is how far out we could possibly go if we absolutely had to," Hubartt said.

Right now, appointments at the Coliseum are booking into March, so you might want to consider looking for available appointments in surrounding counties.

If you need to reschedule your COVID vaccine appointment, call the State Department of Health's hotline at 877-826-0011.

To register for an appointment, call 211 or go to this website.

Corinne Rose

Corinne Rose is a reporter for WPTA.

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