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Some zoo animals thriving in bitter cold

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - You might not be enjoying these cold temperatures, but some animals at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo are thriving.

For the Red pandas, the freezing and single digit temperatures are their favorite time of the year. Zookeeper Kat Dzyak says being from the Himalayas, the pandas are well adapted to the cold.

"They do like the colder weather, said Dzyak. "Oolong especially he likes to sleep when it gets a little bit colder, so he'll spend most of the day sleeping on his heat pad so within the past week or so he has been hanging out there a little more but overall he does like to be out and enjoying the weather."

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo isn't open to the public all year round, but zoo keepers are there everyday caring for the animals.

Most of them move indoors in the fall when the temperatures start to drop.

But like the Red pandas, other animals like the lynx and sea lions are perfectly happy with the cold weather and occasionally the river otters come out to run through the snow.

"All of our zookeepers work so hard all winter long. It's definitely a lot tougher, especially our animals that are out in the cold, but we're out here every single day making sure our animals are just as well cared for as they are when its warm and everyone's here during the summer."

The zoo plans to open at the end of April when the temperatures warm up.

Mary Eber

Mary Eber is ABC21’s 11 p.m producer.

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