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Fort Wayne Fashion Designer Launches Line of Winter Bridal Knitwear

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winter bridal
Esther Andrews designs winter bridal knitwear.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - Each year the art community in Fort Wayne continues to grow. A designer is hoping to find success launching her first winter bridal knitwear fashion line.

Esther Andrews is originally from the area, but recently moved back after going to school in New York. She found her passion in knitwear and wanted to give winter brides more options.

“When I was working as a knitwear designer I saw a lot of awesome ways that knitwear was being made like so much more than just a sweater," Andrews said, "there are jackets now and evening wear and I just kept having an idea of bridal in the back of my head. I just kept seeing that there weren’t really any bridal pieces out there with the category in knitwear.”

Her first collection features cashmere shawls, silky fringe shawls and cropped pullovers. She spends hours and each piece comes with a tag showing how many hours she put in.

Andrews wants her brides to be able to get more than just one use out of them. She worked with a local woodworker craft the boxes to keep the garments safe.

"It’s something you can tuck away and open it 50 years later or open it a week from your wedding day and still wear it I wanted it be a special keepsake," Andrews said.

Andrews hopes to be able to expand in the future.

"Eventually I’d love this to grow into full gowns and pieces of different color ranges,” Andrews said.

 You can find her website here.

Samantha Myers

Samantha Myers serves as an anchor on ABC21 Morning News.

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