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Moms Demand Action members against bill that allows Hoosiers to carry firearm without permit

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21)- A member of Moms Demand Action in Fort Wayne says a bill headed to the state Senate is danger to the Hoosier state.

The bill is authored by Rep. Ben Smaltz of Auburn and would allow law-abiding Hoosiers to carry a firearm without having to obtain an issued license or permit.

"How to we help the good guy overcome the regulatory burdens, the financial impediments for them to be able to protect themselves in the way they see fit," Smaltz said.

Smaltz says he has heard from Hoosiers who say they've had to jump through hoops to get a permit.

"We've had constituents call talk about how much it costs, how far they have to drive to get their finger prints and really drove the point home that the bad guy doesn't have to do any of that," Smaltz said.

But Jennifer Haan, a member of Moms Demand Action here in Fort Wayne says she doesn't think it's that hard for Hoosiers to get a permit.

"In order to receive a permit here in Indiana, the 5 year permit is free, you pay $12.95 to be finger printed, you go and get your fingerprints done and you wait for your permit to be mailed to you. That it!" Haan said.

Haan worries that this bill would put guns into the hands of people who haven't been vetted or trained. She says 18 to 20 year olds could be able to to privately purchase a firearm and may not have to show ID or receive a background check.

"So I guess my biggest question with this bill is do we trust high school seniors to be carrying guns, I was a teacher I had an 18 year old junior in my class. Now they're not going to be carrying to school but what happens the other 16 hours of the day?" Haan said.

She believes the state of Indiana is in a gun violence crisis and says this bill would only make the problem worse. She points to instances across the state, including last week's triple shooting, and says the requirement for those who are carrying to have a permit shouldn't go away.

"We know that people carrying guns in public are responsible enough to know how to use that gun and that they understand the power that that gun has," Haan said.

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