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PFW student teachers can now be paid to sub

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - Purdue Fort Wayne is making a policy change that could help relieve some of the financial burden placed on Education students.

Purdue University made the change to its curriculum, and PFW followed suit.

Student Teachers at the school can now be paid to substitute teach.

Representatives from the university see this as a win-win: students can be compensated for their work and fill a void of substitute teachers.

Isabel Nunez, PFW School of Education Director explained these students are in the classroom Monday through Friday, attending meetings and evening events like Parent-Teacher Conferences, all while paying tuition.

Nunez said it's a great opportunity for students, but it can be financially challenging.

"Unfortunately most of our students do end up having to work, at least some hours while they're student teaching, which makes an already tough semester even harder," Nunez explained.

"Not being able to get paid when we work 40 hours a week is obviously not the best. It's not like an internship where you can get paid minimum wage or what. We get paid literally nothing, so just being able to make an income whether it's once a month or however frequent it is is very nice," said Mackenzie Snider, PFW Education Senior.

Nunez said six students are now approved to be paid to student teach. They all have state substitute teaching licenses.

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