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21Country: Homestead teen balancing first year of high school, producing films and music videos in spare time

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) - Morgan Gullett and her family are new to Fort Wayne.

They moved to Northeast Indiana from Houston, Texas late last year.

The teen cheers and plays tennis for Homestead High School.

But in her spare time, she’s not necessarily doing homework on her computer.

Gullett writes screenplays, and drafts up ideas for music videos.

“When I was 8-years-old I did a drama competition and won first place,” Gullet told us, “after that, one of the judges came up to me and said I should take acting classes because she loved my performance.”

Her parents took the advice, and it led to small roles.

Gullett later hired an agent, and she seized the opportunity that came.

But her interests shifted from acting, to other creative ventures.

“I started producing and creating my films when I was 11 or 12”, she said.

‘Producing’ is a broad term for Gullett.

She writes the story, chooses the cast, and maintains creative control of the project during production.

Something as simple as a dream, sparks successful short films like her first, “Switch”.

“It’s about this girl who suffers from a head injury, and she sees these people claiming to be her parents, but they’re not who they say they are,” Gullett explained, “that one I think has won nine awards to this day, and it’s over at Lifetime being reviewed right now.”

“That one is probably my favorite one to do because I kind of like one’s with creepy twists and endings,” she continued, “that’s kind of my style.”

But make no mistake - clients don’t just fall into her lap.

She uses social media to find new people to collaborate with.

That’s how she ended up being hired to produce two music videos this summer.

“I found these two artists. I like putting myself out there. You never know if you’ll have the opportunity, so its never bad idea to reach out to someone,” she said.

And the move to a new city hasn’t slowed down her momentum.

Gullett is already finding new opportunities in 21Country.

“I just recently won the Fortitude Fund which helps people in the Midwest, young people trying to succeed, entrepreneurs, and people that will help me in my future and a lot of them are from the Midwest, and that has helped me.”

The teen is inspired by women filmmakers, and hopes to motivate others as well.

“I think it’s something very underrated in this business. Women, who are trying to become filmmakers,” Gullet said, “I’m trying to bring attention to that.”

If she had to name her current career role model, it would be Shonda Rhimes.

Rhimes produces the likes of Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Bridgerton.

But Gullett didn’t hesitate to list another two who inspire her, telling us, “also my parents just because they support me through everything”.

The young filmmaker shared some advice, for needing some motivation to pursue their own dreams: “It doesn’t matter how young you are, or where you are living -you can always make a difference in the business you want to. And never give up on your dreams. It might take a while but you’ll get there eventually.”

“I also want to have a life outside of filmmaking as well,” she continued, “just being a normal teenager, going to school, hanging out with friends, that’s also a big part of my life as well as film.”

You can check out Morgan Gullett’s work on her website, and follow her creative journey on her instagram page here.

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