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Nearly three weeks old, Fort Wayne falcon chick needs a name

Falcon chick needs a name

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) - A "baby" peregrine falcon that hatched in a nesting box atop the Indiana Michigan Power Building last month is in need of a name.

The utility that hosts the nest and provides a livestream of activity via its "Falcon Cam" took suggestions from Kindergarten and First Grade children, via the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, and is now soliciting public input.

Eight names are being considered -- four designed for a female falcon and four for a male bird. The sex of the nearly three-week-old hatchling is not yet known.

The proposed names are:


  • BeeGee
  • Savannah
  • Grielda
  • Jeanie


  • Peeps
  • Hosanna
  • Grio
  • Max

Input can be provided on the Indiana Michigan Power Facebook page through Monday, May 17.

The chosen names will be announced the following day.

The bird will be "banded" with an ID that includes one of the winning names.

Though four eggs have been in the nest this spring, only one of them hatched.

It is very common for some falcon eggs to "fail." Those eggs will eventually be discarded by the parent falcons.

As for the youngster in the nesting box, he or she has become increasingly active in recent days, exploring the surroundings and gobbling down meals delivered by mom and dad.

Jonathan Shelley

Jonathan Shelley is the news director at WPTA TV, which he joined in 2016 following nine years in a similar role in New Orleans and previous news management positions in Oklahoma City and Las Vegas.

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