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Pest control services are busy with bed bug calls in Fort Wayne

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FORT WAYNE, Ind (WPTA21) - Benjamin Williams is the owner of Ben's Bugs Be Gone. He told ABC21 that they have received double the number of calls they usually see this time of year.

The rise in calls for bed bug treatments dates back to last the 6 months. Bed bugs are a significant issue for the hospitality industry such as hotels, Airbnb, and nursing homes.

William says, "Unfortunately, a lot of elderly are becoming victims of severe, folks, I'm talking severe sanitary like life threatening bed bug situations".

Benjamin said with the older folks having sensory issues, they do not feel the bugs biting them and this allows the bed bugs to have a constant source of blood. When this happens, bed bugs can multiply by up to the thousands in a couple of months.

"So we will go into these homes and it is nothing to find tens of thousands bed bugs and I'm not exaggerating. After treatment, we will see one to two inch piles of dead bed bugs" said Williams

The best way to check if your home has bed bugs, is to check everything within a ten foot radius around your bed.

Matthew Bullock

Matthew Bullock is the weekend morning meteorologist for ABC21.

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