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Eric Brown’s fight for life illustrates what many families face in COVID-19 pandemic

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Family members are pulling hard for the full recovery of 38-year old Eric Brown, who is hospitalized with COVID-19.

WARREN, Ind. (WPTA21) - A Huntington County family and their friends are praying for the recovery of Eric Brown, who is hospitalized a month after becoming ill with the coronavirus.

The 38-year old Brown is on a ventilator, all in efforts to help him survive.

It's a story that reveals the very real impact of COVID-19 on the sick and their loved ones forced to watch them struggle to try and get better.

Eric and his wife Heather, who are raising six children near the town of Warren, came down with COVID symptoms on August 21.

Heather had a mild case, Eric did not.

A week later Eric Brown was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia and three days after that was admitted to the hospital.

Because of the risk of COVID spread, Heather recently was allowed for the first time in two weeks to visit her husband.

We're told he was unconscious.

Felicia Palmer, who is married to Heather Brown's brother, says the goal is to get Eric Brown off the ventilator.

"That's where it gets really tricky is whenever they try to pull him off of it, he sort of panics, so we just have to pray for his anxiety to calm down, pray for God to heal his lungs, because they're weak. So, that's where we're at, we believe he can pull through this, like I said, we have God on our side, we just are asking for prayers from anyone who will give them," Palmer said.

The couple runs a business together in Warren, manages a small farming operation and Eric Brown drives a truck full-time.

All of that is currently taking a backseat to the objective of getting Eric on the road to recovery.

We asked Felicia Palmer if Eric Brown was vaccinated and she said the family is choosing not to answer that because they don't want to become part of the political debate raging over vaccinations.

There's a gofundme page on Facebook called, "Praying for Eric Brown", for those who would like to donate to help the family with mounting medical bills.

Jeff Neumeyer

Jeff Neumeyer is a reporter for WPTA.

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