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Meals with Marusiak: Eggs with Chorizo spiced meat

To start, make a simple chorizo spice mixture.

Stir together a teaspoon of salt, fresh ground pepper and chili powder. Add in a tablespoon of smoked paprika, coriander seed, garlic powder and cumin.

Mix the spice mixture with ground pork, beef or chicken. Pork is traditional although this recipe uses ground chicken to cut down on calories. Add a splash or two of apple cider vinegar which should cut down on the heat of the spice mixture.

Add the ground meat to a hot pan, searing until some browning occurs. Flip over the meat and continue for a few minutes until the meat finishes cooking.

To cook eggs, add milk and some salt before cooking. Salt will help make a more tender egg, but be careful not to over salt eggs. Cook eggs over low to medium heat, adding a few knobs of butter to add richness.

Stir the eggs frequently to allow the eggs to cook evenly and form little curdles. Eventually the eggs will come together.

This meal goes great in a burrito or is great by itself.

Meals with Marusiak airs every week on ABC2's morning show.

Nick Marusiak

Nick Marusiak joined ABC21 in November of 2018 as a meteorologist and member of the ABC21 Storm Track Weather Team.

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