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Clouds and showers return Thursday


After some dense morning fog, skies cleared and high temperatures soared back into the mid 70s, which at this stage in the month is about 10º warmer than average! We're going to get even warmer Thursday, but unfortunately, it won't be quite as sunny.

Clouds will increase tonight with milder low temperatures in the mid 60s.

Thursday will be cloudy with scattered showers throughout the day, though most numerous before 2 pm. Highs will warm in the upper 70s thanks to a nearby warm front.

Friday will be a bit more unsettled with scattered showers and thunderstorms, which could bring more heavy rain to the region, particularly in the morning, and then again in the early evening as the front exits.

Saturday and Sunday look sunny, dry, and cool, however, with highs in the low 60s.

Matt Leach

ABC21 Chief Meteorologist

Matt Leach

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