Missing Link

Designing a new car is a mix of old technology and new.

Wise Guy

In Auburn, Indiana’s Evergreen Cemetery there is a small reminder that big things can come from small places, large talents from small towns.

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Bear Necessity

Fred and LuWana Perkins’s Steuben County home is a pretty little place not unlike others across 21 Country. With one little difference.

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Field of Dreams

What starts out as a dream can become real with good intentions and generosity.

O, Pioneer

It’s the image that shocked the world then and shocks us now, two black teenagers, Abe Smith and Tom Shipp, dragged from a jail cell on August 7th 1930 and hanged on the lawn of the Grant County courthouse in Marion, Indiana for a crime they didn’t commit.

Past Present

Not many towns are reinventing themselves like Decatur, Indiana…new sidewalks and streets, public art on display downtown.

Dam Nuisance

It meanders through most of 21 Country, from Cedar Lake in northern Dekalb County to the St. Joseph River in Allen County.

Book Work

North Webster’s public library is small, very small.

Silence Was Golden

-It’s hard not to laugh out loud when we watch them..the never ending kisses, interminable reaction shots..the naive innocence that defined the silent movie era.

It’s a Breeze

Used to be you couldn’t swing a stick out in 21 Country without hitting one, those graceful machines harvesting the wind, pumping fresh water from the earth for man and beast.


It’s one of Bluffton, Indiana’s newest businesses and still finding its legs. Bobbi Shane opened Fields of Grace Floral Boutique just one year ago.

Van Wert
Warmer with some sunshine

Warmer with some sunshine

We were treated to beautiful weather Saturday and today promises to deliver even better conditions! Increasing clouds overnight kept temperatures

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