The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830's founded cities and towns along the way.


The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830’s founded cities and towns along the way.

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Metal Miracle

They’re about the most graceful works of art humans produce, formed from flat sheets of metal hammered and bent and coaxed into shape.

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Classy Chassis

Angola, Indiana’s majestic Civil War monument has seen much in its hundred years of service. And now, it’s seen just about everything.

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Lost Angels

For more than a century Fort Wayne’s Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has inspired the faithful, it’s majestic spire towering above the North Highlands neighborhood it serves.

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Sweet Success

Waynedale Bakery’s been a fixture in these parts since 1955.

Across the Pond

We visited Van Wert, Ohio recently, stopped by the county historical museum to check out this, a musket used by the Revolutionary War soldier for whom Van Wert city and county are named. 

Barn Again

They’re the iconic symbol of our prosperous rural ancestors, the heart of the farms of yesteryear once sheltering a farm families most precious possessions, livestock, implements and hay. Most are neglected now and falling down. Others, though, a lucky few, have a new lease on life.

Showers return later

Showers return later

Few thunderstorms possible along with temperatures near 80.

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