Missing Link

Designing a new car is a mix of old technology and new.

Wise Guy

In Auburn, Indiana’s Evergreen Cemetery there is a small reminder that big things can come from small places, large talents from small towns.

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Bear Necessity

Fred and LuWana Perkins’s Steuben County home is a pretty little place not unlike others across 21 Country. With one little difference.

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Community Leader

Fremont, Indiana is Middle America, quaint, historic. patriotic.

Grave Concerns

If you’re a history buff, a real history buff then you love cemeteries.

Humble Beginnings

It’s another day Bethel United Methodist Church on Lima Road.


Most days you’ll find sculptor Mary Pat Wallen in her Warsaw studio, nudging handfuls of hot wax into progressively human figures.

Paradise Lost (?)

It’s called the best kept secret in Northern Indiana, the Salamonie River State Forest just south of Lagro.

Glass Menagerie

St. Andrews Catholic Church on New Haven Avenue, majestic, inspirational and doomed.

Timely Stitch

There are endless ways to learn at the Allen County Public Library, books, magazines, DVD’s.

Les Heroes

At 95 years old, Dan Levernier is frail and and a little hard of hearing, but make no mistake. 75 years ago Dan Levernier was a soldier, fierce… and deadly.

Quality Harvest

It opened its doors in 1923 and over the next sixty years Fort Wayne’s International Harvester truck plant would churn out one-and-a-half million vehicles from America’s earliest workhorses to wartime fighting machines to legendary four wheelers.

Fill ‘er Up!

Any list of movers and shakers who built Fort Wayne from scratch will have this man’s name near the top.

Van Wert
Get ready for a mild weekend

Get ready for a mild weekend

Although chilly weather is to be expected this time of year, it is admittedly nice to get the occasional 70º

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