The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830's founded cities and towns along the way.


The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830’s founded cities and towns along the way.

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Metal Miracle

They’re about the most graceful works of art humans produce, formed from flat sheets of metal hammered and bent and coaxed into shape.

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Classy Chassis

Angola, Indiana’s majestic Civil War monument has seen much in its hundred years of service. And now, it’s seen just about everything.

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Lost Angels

For more than a century Fort Wayne’s Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has inspired the faithful, it’s majestic spire towering above the North Highlands neighborhood it serves.

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Unwelcome Travelers

This is what many Americans grew up watching on television in the 1960’s: police, fire hoses, police dogs unleashed on unarmed, peaceful civil rights protesters. Men, women and children. But brutality was just part of African American life in the South then. Tens of thousands of businesses refused to serve black people or forced them to use restrooms, hotels and restaurants separate from whites.

The Sign Post Up Ahead

They tell us what’s ahead, what to do and where to do it. And where would civilization be without them.

Look Ma!

It was the butt of many jokes in the 1950’s and ’60’s when Crest toothpaste rolled out its ‘look mom, no cavities’ commercials, advertising what was actually one of the 20th Century’s greatest leaps forward in public health; the discovery that adding fluoride to toothpaste virtually eliminated cavities.

The Least Among Us

There is much to see at Artlink’s regional exhibition, paintings, sculpture, photography by gifted artists from seven states.


It’s the little device everybody seems to have their faces buried in these days, even those barely old enough to hold one.

A New Light

It’s the second fastest growing boutique home craft in the country, only home beer brewing beats it; candle making, mixing and matching aromas, colors, containers.

Note Worthy

There’s a new sound serenading traffic in downtown Wabash, Indiana.

The Lion King

For a hundred years it was arguably the star attraction at any circus, the wild animal trainer,cajoling, forcing, bullying the world’s most dangerous animals to perform stunts that took the audiences breath away.

Big Top Justice

For 26 years Bruce Embrey, Judge Bruce Embrey, presided over the Miami County Circuit Court in Peru.

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

So far the first few days of summer have looked and felt similar to the last few days of spring,

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