Missing Link

Designing a new car is a mix of old technology and new.

Wise Guy

In Auburn, Indiana’s Evergreen Cemetery there is a small reminder that big things can come from small places, large talents from small towns.

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Bear Necessity

Fred and LuWana Perkins’s Steuben County home is a pretty little place not unlike others across 21 Country. With one little difference.

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Shedding Light

It was called the Grand Army of the Republic, the G.A.R., the VFW of its day whose members fought for the Union army in America’s Civil War.


Roanoke Indiana is luckier than most small towns, it’s proud history is revered and preserved here at the Roanoke Heritage Center and Historical Museum, tracing the towns rise from its Native American roots to thriving canal port, and local notables past and present.


“Everybody wants to do something to be creative,’ says business owner Shannon McClure, “and to be able to have a little piece of something they made.”

Print That!

Fort Wayne’s art museum is always packed with interesting things to see, paintings, art glass, sculpture.


They are among society’s most vulnerable, hospitalized children facing sometimes life threatening illness.

Unwelcome Travelers

This is what many Americans grew up watching on television in the 1960’s: police, fire hoses, police dogs unleashed on unarmed, peaceful civil rights protesters. Men, women and children. But brutality was just part of African American life in the South then. Tens of thousands of businesses refused to serve black people or forced them to use restrooms, hotels and restaurants separate from whites.

The Sign Post Up Ahead

They tell us what’s ahead, what to do and where to do it. And where would civilization be without them.

Look Ma!

It was the butt of many jokes in the 1950’s and ’60’s when Crest toothpaste rolled out its ‘look mom, no cavities’ commercials, advertising what was actually one of the 20th Century’s greatest leaps forward in public health; the discovery that adding fluoride to toothpaste virtually eliminated cavities.

The Least Among Us

There is much to see at Artlink’s regional exhibition, paintings, sculpture, photography by gifted artists from seven states.

Van Wert
Get ready for a mild weekend

Get ready for a mild weekend

Although chilly weather is to be expected this time of year, it is admittedly nice to get the occasional 70º

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