Good Dog

“I've grown up working dogs all my life,” says dog trainer Bob Knipper. “I've always had a passion for dogs and a passion for the outdoors.”

Good Dog

“I’ve grown up working dogs all my life,” says dog trainer Bob Knipper. “I’ve always had a passion for dogs and a passion for the outdoors.”

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Vox Populi

You cant turn on TV or radio without hearing them, those big, raspy voices pushing beer or sports or just about anything.

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People say small towns across Indiana are dying, they’ve been saying it about Arcola, Indiana for years.

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A recent morning at mike Durnbaugh’s Fort Wayne home.

Tall Tail

We visited tiny Fowlerton, Indiana awhile back to a local farm once owned by the Wright Brothers…yea, those Wright Brothers.

A New Leaf

“Started woodworking probably when I was ten by building a tree house,” recalls furniture restorer Dave Terrill, “with a old rusty hammer and rusty saw.”

Fantasy Land

“I was the Tom Sawyer Huckleberry Finn of the neighborhood,” says Mark Phenicie.

Boat Show

We’ve visited this shop before, watched classic wood boats from the 1930’s and ’40’s brought back to life.

Found His Marbles

You may never played with marbles but your parents and grandparents probably did.

Barn Dance

Its a marvelous sight if you’re lucky enough to witness it, an old fashioned barn raising alive and well today primarily in the Amish community.

Crime Stopper

America locks up more men and women than any other nation on the planet, two and a half million of them, and offers those who serve their time little help getting back on their feet after they’re released.

Grant County’s Most Famous

Fowlerton Indiana, population about 200. a small town just east of Fairmont with a bonafide claim to worldwide fame.

Line Drawing

Most artists crave attention and public approval for what they create.

One last chance

One last chance

Cooler weather is expected, but not before another chance of rain overnight.

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Volunteers to participate in community service projects for annual Day of Caring

Volunteers will participate in tasks across the county Wednesday for the annual Day of Caring.

Mad Anthony brewery preparing for Oktoberfest

Fort Wayne's Oktoberfest is just a month away and Mad Anthonys is already getting their barrels ready.

Erin’s House celebrating newly renovated hospital room

A Fort Wayne organization is re-opening a room that helps play a vital role in grief support.

Woman shot in car, children just inches away

A woman is dead after she was shot while in her car late Tuesday night.

Council members propose ‘market-based’ garbage collection for Fort Wayne’s long-term future

 In a matter of years, there's the prospect of city garbage customers getting to hire their own trash collection company.