The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830's founded cities and towns along the way.


The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830’s founded cities and towns along the way.

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Metal Miracle

They’re about the most graceful works of art humans produce, formed from flat sheets of metal hammered and bent and coaxed into shape.

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Classy Chassis

Angola, Indiana’s majestic Civil War monument has seen much in its hundred years of service. And now, it’s seen just about everything.

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Lost Angels

For more than a century Fort Wayne’s Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has inspired the faithful, it’s majestic spire towering above the North Highlands neighborhood it serves.

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Picture Perfect

If you had to bestow the title of finest American painter Winslow Homer would be a top candidate.

Feeding Time at the Zoo

“Goats are ruminants like cows are so they have that special digestion,” says Fort Wayne Childcare’s Zoo Goatherd Tyler Kelhams. “They require a constant source of hay.” It’s feeding time at Fort Wayne’s Children’s Zoo and though goats have notoriously iron stomachs Tyler Kelhams has to watch what they eat. “We got to watch make sure they don’t get you know too bloated or anything like that,” he says. “Urinary tracts and stuff like that so d…

A Way Home

You have Uber, you have taxis, you have buses. But now there’s another way to get where you’re going out in 21 country. Shandreka: I wanted to target a different niche that no one was really thinking about. It’s another morning Fort Wayne’s Indiana Family Transit, LLC. Driver Pete Nikolaenka is transporting a van full of young people to their daily jobs. Shandreka Gray is founder and CEO of Indiana Family Transit whose name tells you who the service is aimed at. Gray is a foster mot…

No Surprise

If the current exhibit at Fort Wayne’s Artlink gallery has everything its because of this city’s broad and gifted spectrum of artists. For a town of its size Fort Wayne has an abundance of talent. “I think we have a real up and coming art scene here,” says Artlink gallery coordinator Maddie Miller, “and so many artists doing incredible work.” Miller says Fort Wayne’s diversity of talent is responsible for this shows appeal. This piece, called ‘Tesselation R…

Glass Menagerie

It’s amazing to think while you walk through the current art glass exhibit at Fort Wayne’s art museum, that glass as an art form is only fifty years old and we owe the discovery to one man, Harvey Littleton. In the 1960’s Littleton became the first artist to create glass pieces as art, not for practical use like ashtray’s or drinking glasses. Littleton’s most famous student, Dale Chihuly, took art glass to the next level and five decades later today’s glass artists have opened the flo…


When you think of Wolcottville, Indiana small town likely comes to mind. Simple, uncomplicated, sleepy, patriotic. You certainly don’t think wine capital of 21 Country. “We have a lot of vineyards over in Italy,” says Vino Indiana’s Tina Mossman. “We import stuff form France from Holland, Chili, Argentina.” You’ll find much of the Western Hemisphere represented in this little warehouse on Wolcottville’s south side. This is Vino Indiana, dealer in fine winds, …

Mr. Clean Lives Here

Born in 1867 as Harrisburg, Indiana the name was changed to Gas City when the massive Trenton gas field was discovered underneath it. The gas field petered out a couple of decades later and Gas City’s prosperity petered out with it. But the town’s roots are still honored. Evidence the street signs atop miniature drilling derricks. And though Gas City still has a historic flavor new and often eclectic businesses are taking over. “Everything is made right here,” says busine…

Art of the Mind

It’s among the most colorful exhibitions the Fort Wayne Museum of Art has hosted and certainly one of the most thought provoking. Sublime, intricate paintings, illustrations, even calligraphy, all the work of one of the deans of Fort Wayne’s art culture. An artist who thinks, profoundly, before he picks up a paint brush. “My pictures are made up of symbols,” says artist Don Kruse, “metaphysics and mythical images from a wide variety of cultures. It’s almost testing …


There is not much to see anymore, mostly shattered headstones…victims of long ago vandalism and neglect. But a historical marker in the corner explains. This is the Carthagena Black Cemetery in Mercer County, Ohio just south of Celina and this burial ground is all that’s left of a bustling black farming community that thrived here 150 years ago. Carthagena, Ohio’s black settlement was born in 1835 when Quaker abolitionist Augustus Wattles led 15 black families to Mercer County from…


Like all corners of 21 Country Mercer County, Ohio has a great story to tell, from the prehistoric glaciers that shaped it to the original Native Americans who settled it, the early pioneers, transportation and the dramatic oil and gas boom of the 1880’s. The Mercer County Historical Society has collected and preserved Mercer County history since 1958 and volunteers like Joyce Alig have drawn on that collection to write more than 30 books on various chapters of county history; biograp…

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

So far the first few days of summer have looked and felt similar to the last few days of spring,

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