The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830's founded cities and towns along the way.


The German and Irish immigrants who built the Wabash and Erie Canal in the 1830’s founded cities and towns along the way.

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Metal Miracle

They’re about the most graceful works of art humans produce, formed from flat sheets of metal hammered and bent and coaxed into shape.

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Classy Chassis

Angola, Indiana’s majestic Civil War monument has seen much in its hundred years of service. And now, it’s seen just about everything.

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Lost Angels

For more than a century Fort Wayne’s Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has inspired the faithful, it’s majestic spire towering above the North Highlands neighborhood it serves.

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Patch Work

Caroline: We’re a destination shop they come here from far and wide. Not just the U.S. But out of the U.S.. Caroline’s Cottage Cottons in Rome City looks like a shop but it’s really a little brick history lesson. Caroline North owns Cottage Cottons, the quilt fabric shop she started in 2007. And her shop has since earned a national reputation as purveyor of historic reproductions of American fabrics down through the ages from the founding of this country to now. “It’s an exact…

Fairy Tale

“We’re going back to not the Cinderella fairy stories of Disney,” says Fort Wayne Museum of Art director Charles Shepard. “We’re going back to where there was real evil there was real good and you weren’t guaranteed a happy ending.” Fort Wayne’s Museum of Art has turned into Hogwarts without Harry Potter because of the work of a remarkably imaginative photographer and storyteller mourning for a lost parent. And these immense photographs are the stories of that…

Image is Everything

There was a lot to admire at the Garrett Museum of Art’s recent exhibition honoring transportation..paintings, photographs and sculpture focusing on humans fixation with moving about. One piece in particular stood out, a fine watercolor immortalizing a treasured classic. “There are so many nice surprises with watercolor,” says Fort Wayne artist Anita Trick. “Especially these old cars, they’re so beautifully made and so intimately made. With watercolor I want the det…

Grand Opening

If you’ve spent more than a day of your life in Fort Wayne you’ve heard of the Embassy Theatre, the Summit City’s magnificent Roaring ’20’s era movie palace and Vaudeville house snatched from a date with the wrecking ball by citizens outraged at the prospect of losing it. And now celebrating its 90th birthday the magnificent Embassy has presented us with a gift. Tucked away in a corner of the Indiana Hotel lobby is the new John Mann Heritage Center, a three dimensional biography of t…

Cuppa Joe

Allison: We wanted to make a community space where people could come and hang out…have good quality coffee and experience that coffee house atmosphere. For twenty years Firefly Coffee House on North Anthony Boulevard has been Fort Wayne’s alternative living room. Paul and Cindy Demaree opened Firefly at the advent of the coffee house movement, a familiar sight in big cities at the time but a novelty in towns like Fort Wayne. And the place started out small. “Just coffee, we …

Ride, Please!

Thousands of American towns grew up along railroad tracks, owe their existence to the railroad. And no town more so than Garrett, Indiana, platted by the railroad, built by the railroad, named for a railroad executive. If any town has reason to celebrate transportation, it’s Garrett, Indiana. Garrett’s Museum of Art is honoring transportation with a stunning exhibit called ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. Rail is still king in Garrett so the railroad occupies center stage here. Long…

Voice for Change

Longtime Fort Wayne businessman and community leader John Dortch has just taken a gamble, launching this city’s newest newspaper, Fort Wayne Ink Spot, designed to focus on the needs of Fort Wayne’s minority community. “We want to focus on education, employment, entrepreneurship and then finance, health issues” Dortch says. Ink Spot has picked up where longtime minority paper Frost Illustrated left off. Frost folded earlier this year after decades of service, a paper foun…


The eyes of the world will be on Indianapolis this weekend Well, that part of the world that likes watching fast cars turn left at breakneck speeds. But no matter how fast modern Indy cars travel they can’t match the classic, romantic charm of Indy cars from the 1950’s and ’60’s, when machines weren’t quite so refined but certainly way cooler. “Every car enthusiasts lifelong dream is to be a race car driver,” says car builder Gary Babineau. “I never got that opportu…

Fire and Ice

10 am on a recent Thursday and the big rig pulls up to the scene, the crew deploys and sprint’s into action. A crowd quickly gathers, one usually does. But this isn’t the scene of a fire or traffic accident, quite the opposite in fact. We’re guests today of Jim Berger, owner and operator of Whip & Chill, a local ice cream vendor. Jim and son Alex are manning Whip & Chill’s newest food truck, a 1982 Pierce Arrow fire engine. “Well the advantage is obviously it’s cool,&rd…

Patch Work

It began as a craft born of hardship and necessity, practiced mostly by women marooned on remote farmsteads or prairie dwellings. But quilting quickly evolved into an elaborate art form that allowed the maker to express her talents and emotions while creating a practical asset for her family. This is the Mecca of the art of quilting, the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana. Dozens of the finest, and oldest, quilts you’ll find in 21 Country. This museum is in the former home of M…

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

Showers tonight, sunnier Tuesday

So far the first few days of summer have looked and felt similar to the last few days of spring,

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