Violins of Hope

-“You know it's one thing to see these things in a book or magazine or even in the exhibit,” says University of St. Francis music professor Miles Fulwider, “but to

Violins of Hope

-“You know it’s one thing to see these things in a book or magazine or even in the exhibit,” says University of St. Francis music professor Miles Fulwider, “but to play it and to have that unique connection.”

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Humble Beginnings

When the early settlers arrived in northern Indiana in the 1830’s, after they pushed out the Native American inhabitants, the first thing they did was build their homes.

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Among the corn and bean fields of Lagrange County is a gem, one that’s been part of 21 Country for a very long time.

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The Lion King

For a hundred years it was arguably the star attraction at any circus, the wild animal trainer,cajoling, forcing, bullying the world’s most dangerous animals to perform stunts that took the audiences breath away.

Big Top Justice

For 26 years Bruce Embrey, Judge Bruce Embrey, presided over the Miami County Circuit Court in Peru.


A recent morning at mike Durnbaugh’s Fort Wayne home.

Tall Tail

We visited tiny Fowlerton, Indiana awhile back to a local farm once owned by the Wright Brothers…yea, those Wright Brothers.

A New Leaf

“Started woodworking probably when I was ten by building a tree house,” recalls furniture restorer Dave Terrill, “with a old rusty hammer and rusty saw.”

Fantasy Land

“I was the Tom Sawyer Huckleberry Finn of the neighborhood,” says Mark Phenicie.

Boat Show

We’ve visited this shop before, watched classic wood boats from the 1930’s and ’40’s brought back to life.

Found His Marbles

You may never played with marbles but your parents and grandparents probably did.

Barn Dance

Its a marvelous sight if you’re lucky enough to witness it, an old fashioned barn raising alive and well today primarily in the Amish community.

Van Wert
Cloudy start, clearing later

Cloudy start, clearing later

We will start off Friday overcast, breezy and still wet following the showers we saw yesterday. Temperatures will be cooler

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