DIGGING DEEPER: Railroad Rubble

A growing concern for residents in one Steuben County neighborhood. Railroad rubble is piling up right across from their homes, and they are not happy about it.

ABC21 Digging Deeper: Fire chief under fire

Is it a public safety concern or a petty fight between local candidates? ABC21 is Digging Deeper into claims the St. Joseph Township Fire Chief – who is running for trustee – isn’t qualified to do his current job. The chief says the only thing his opponent is worried about is winning the election. 

ABC21 Digging Deeper: Deadbeat Discount

Deadbeat parents go weeks – even months – without paying a dime. Then right before their court hearing, they offer a small chunk of change and get to walk out of court a free woman or man. We call it the "Deadbeat Discount."

ABC21 Digging Deeper: Parents Who Don’t Pay

Prosecutors and deputies spend a lot of money, time and resources – not on solving and preventing violent crimes – but on collecting child support. In fact, hundreds of millions of dollars in child support is owed to single parents just in northeast Indiana alone – money that law enforcement officials say you ultimately front some of the bill for. 

Digging Deeper: ABC21 appealing order barring broadcast of court testimony

ABC21 announced today that it is appealing a court order preventing the station from broadcasting a trial court recording of a local physician’s sentencing hearing — a recording that is a public record pursuant to state law.

The appellate brief was submitted by attorneys representing the station to the Court of Appeals of Indiana, challenging the April 20 order by Huntington Circuit Court Judge Thomas M. Hakes.

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More humid today

More humid today

Humidity increases today as temperatures warm a few degrees.

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