DIGGING DEEPER: Former coworker describes April Tinsley suspect as ‘reclusive,’ prone to ‘outbursts’

A man who worked alongside the suspect charged with the rape and murder of April Tinsley describes John D. Miller as a reclusive and problematic employee.

Miller worked at the Walmart store in Kendallville.

The person who provided insight into his demeanor and work habits spent about five years alongside Miller at the store. At his request, ABC21 is not identifying the coworker, who is no longer employed by the retail giant.

The coworker said Miller was generally "reclusive," and that "some of the time, when he’d join in a conversation, you could barely understand him."

In the store break room, the coworker said, Miller would hold a tobacco-filled pipe and work on word search puzzles.

The coworker described one incident in which Miller urinated in his pants and continued to work until he was sent home.

"He used to have little outbursts when he was upset or when a customer made him mad and he cursed a lot. (Managers would) pull him to the office to address the issues and he just stared off into space. Before I left Walmart, I shook his hand and now, knowing what he did, it really makes my stomach churn thinking about it."



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