Angola house fire leaves two mothers and five kids with only memories and the clothes on their backs

ANGOLA, Ind. (ABC21) – An Angola house fire left two mothers and five kids with only memories of their home and the clothes on their backs.

“You feel like you just lost your whole life,” Jamie Lower, a mother said. “Like it’s just gone.”

One mother said her roommate saw smoke coming from downstairs on Friday afternoon.

She said her roommate and her son were forced to jump off the roof of the house to save their lives. She said her roommate broke her ankle after she landed.

“I could have lost a friend,” Lower said. “I could have lost children, my children. We could have lost her children.”

“My friends and my cousins were in there and I don’t like how that feels because they could have died and got on fire,” Leah Lower, a daughter said.

The mother said she rushed back home when she found out.

She said the worst part was watching her kids cry as they watched their home burn down.

Both families lost all of their belongings in the house fire, according to a family member.

The mother said she is staying strong for her kids and for her friend’s family.

“Just hold your loved ones extra close and tight because this could happen to anybody at any given time no matter what or where,” Lower said.

A GoFundMe was created by a close family friend to help both families. To help, please click here.



Louie Tran

Louie Tran

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