Angola police say more than 10 stalking cases reported on Friday

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ANGOLA, Ind. (ABC21) – An Angola woman reported to police of two men following her and her kids while shopping at Walmart in Angola.

Angola police said more than ten stalking cases were called in on Friday.

A woman said she and her kids were shopping at Walmart and noticed two men following her around. She said she and her kids left the store and both men followed them back to their car.

The woman said she yelled, but both men continued to follow her.

“It’s not okay if a person can’t feel safe going to their local grocery store,” a woman said. “Like I’m now going to have to have my boyfriend with me or a second adult.”

Another shopper said she saw the men following the woman and her kids back to their car. She said she drove up to block both men. The shopper said both men were also following her family earlier at Walmart.

Both women called 9-1-1 and took pictures of both men.

“Hey, I’m going to take your picture because I didn’t know what they were going to do,” another shopper said. “Were they going to grab us or knock us out or jump in the car?”

Police said they have identified both men, but could not arrest them. They said they later found out one man was trespassing. Officers said they plan to file charges.

If people find themselves in similar situations, officers said folks should walk or drive to populated areas and to call 9-1-1 immediately.

Police officials recommend drivers to not take their normal routes if being followed. They said this will prevent stalkers from learning people’s routine patterns.


Louie Tran

Louie Tran

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