Indiana Senator supports raising minimum smoking age to 21

An Indiana Republican Senator is backing a move to work on a national proposal to raise the legal tobacco age to 21.

Turning Colder

Turning Colder

Temperatures drop into the 50s during the afternoon and 30s overnight.

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Delphi Update: What this new sketch could do

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) – On Monday, Indiana State Police investigators revealed a new sketch of the suspect in the

Ordinance governing drone usage seeks to boost public safety

People flying drones over the city could soon be subject to new rules and regulations.

Indiana U: Mumps outbreak reaches 20 cases

Health officials say the number of confirmed cases of mumps at Indiana University in Bloomington has reached 20 since Feb.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveils higher education platform

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled a higher education platform that focuses on student loan cancellation and tuition-free college.

State Police release new information in Delphi murder case

State Police released new details in the Delphi murder investigation Monday.